Student Programs

Digital Natives Face-to-Face: Today’s students are hooked into technology 24/7 and as a result, their interpersonal communication skills have suffered. In this one hour interactive seminar we take the digital natives and give them the face-to-face communication skills which are crucial in the workplace–now more than ever.

Course Capacity: Unlimited

The Tip Factor for Students: A full day workshop which explores the all important college interview process. For many admissions counselors, the interview is considered at “tip factor”. In other words, if your student is “on the fence” of getting into the school of their choice, going in and having a face-to-face interview can help tip them into the “Yes pile”. This interactive workshop breaks down each aspect of the interview for the student and puts them in the “test drive” seat, allowing them to practice their own personal elevator pitch for admissions counselors.

Course Capacity: 8-20

*Contact us for pricing and date availability 

Powerful Public Speaking Skills: This workshop (available in full or half day)  is delivered at your high school, and is designed to get each participant to the next level of their public speaking and presentation skills. This interactive, stand & deliver training affords the students with individualized coaching based on their specific needs.Participants will learn specific tools for improving their public speaking & presentation skills. The goal of the program is to help each student become the most engaging, captivating and confident speakers they can be. Since public speaking is a very daunting task for most people, our program is specifically designed to help take the fear out of the process with a supportive, fun environment.

Course Capacity :15 participants

Contact us for pricing & date availability

The College Conundrum:(Parent ProgramHelping your child select the correct college–the one that’s going to be a perfect fit for them–is one of the biggest decisions you will make together. In this one hour workshop, we’ll take what can often be an overwhelming process and break it down into a manageable list. There’s even a workbook for you to use with your student to make the process as stress-free as possible.

Course capacity: Unlimited

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