Need a Guest or Keynote Speaker?

Is your school or organization looking for a dynamic speaker to entertain your group? Are you having a special event and in need of an MC who is both professional and engaging?

Sara Humphreys, President of Taney Speaker Training, is a long-standing and well-respected member of the higher education industry with 10 years of experience in public speaking and speaker training.  As a professional speaker with Monster’s “Making It Count Programs” Sara presented to over a quarter of a million students around the country.

She has also worked in the higher education industry for the past seven years with The College of Westchester and is well familiar with the unique challenges that the industry is currently facing. TST has completed trainings for: CW, Westchester County, Cingular, The United States Navy, Excelsior College, Bettis Atomic Powerlabs, and Verizon among others.

In addition, Sara has served as the Mistress of Ceremonies for various events including the Tuskegee Airmen Scholarship Fundraiser.

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