Three Tips for a Solid Presentation

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1. Look ’em in the eye: Let’s be clear…we’re not talking about staring at one or two people for the entire presentation. That’s weird. If you do that, it looks like you’re only having a conversation with them and excluding the rest of your audience. If you can remember to make eye contact with various people around the room, you’re off to a great start. Eye contact is the cornerstone of good communication skills because it’s respectful.

2. KISS( Keep It Simple Stupid): Keep your slides simple. Try-whenever possible- to stick by the 5×5 rule. No more than 5 bullets per slide and no more than 5 words per line. Your bullets should only be the main idea–not the explanation. If you put a wordy/busy slide up on the screen…nobody will be listening to you. They’re not listening because they’re reading/trying-to-decipher what you just threw up on the screen.

3. Plant your feet: Happy Feet are fine if you’re a penguin but a major distraction if you’re a presenter. If you’re dancing around up there you either you look like you have to pee or you look like you’re thinking I-have-no-idea-what-I’m-talking-about. Plant your feet about shoulder width apart and maintain a balanced stance. Even if you’re nervous, the balanced stance will give the impression that you’re confident.

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